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 A master impression is fabricated for the purpose of creating a master model or cast that a laboratory can use to fabricate 

accurate dental restorations. It’s important that the master impression be high-quality and meet the functional, biological, and aesthetic needs of the patient. Errors in the master impression could result in a dental 

laboratory being unable to create the appropriate restorations. The impression should be as crisply detailed as possible and without contamination. To create a master impression, a patient is typically 

anesthetized before the procedure. An appropriately-sized tray is chosen and filled with low-viscosity mixed impression 

material. Then, the tray is seated into the patient’s mouth and the material is allowed to set into a semi-solid substance. The completed master impression should 

reproduce the occlusal surfaces of all teeth, the mucobuccal fold, and the palate. It should not have any air bubbles, voids, or pulls.

Diss image for similar in you are inspired and inprishion.

Aap ander se insapir ho jao by Younick blog.in

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